How much is delivery?
For orders over £100 delivery is FREE. For orders under £100 the delivery cost is £6.50.
What happens if I order an incorrect item?
Please fax or email the details through to our sales office to organise collection. Please note that customer errors may be subject to a re-stocking charge.
What is the standard delivery time?
We endeavour to offer a next day delivery service. On occasions due to stock availability or other unforeseen circumstances, this may be delayed. All next day delivery requests must be endorsed ‘next day’ and communicated to our sales office before 12.00pm. Please note, we cannot guarantee fulfilment of any requests for next day delivery received after 12.00pm.
How will I know when my order has been dispatched?
Dispatch email alerts are created and sent to customers as soon as their consignment leaves STH WESTCO. We aim to provide an accurate one-hour delivery window following dispatch.
What is WRAS?
WRAS is an acronym for Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. Many of the products have been approved by WRAS.
What is your contact telephone number?
You can contact us by calling 01942 603 351. For further contact details, please see the ‘Contact Us’ section of this website.
Are the STH WESTCO Strata and Jevco compression ranges made in accordance with standard?
Yes, both ranges are made in accordance with EN 1254-2 / 1998.
Is the STH WESTCO range of TRVs reversible?
All STH WESTCO TRVs are reversible and can be fitted horizontally or vertically in the flow or return position. A flow differential of 0.6 Bar must be considered.
Can an isolating valve be used to reduce pressure?
No, a Pressure Reducing Valve should be used to reduce pressure effectively.
How do thermostatic radiator valves operate?
TRVs have a wax or liquid sensor that expands or contracts depending on the temperature around the vents of the thermostatic head. TRVs can be affected by direct sunlight, draughts or by being enclosed by household furnishings.
What is the minimum recommended water pressure for the STH WESTCO range of taps?
We recommend 0.3 bar static pressure for sink and basin taps, and 0.5 bar static pressure for bath taps.